Memberpress Login Shortcode

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Memberpress Login Shortcode

Posted by Bouton Adalene on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 13:55:13

The above two shortcodes are both identical. They show login or logout links based on the current user's logged in status. The login link will direct the user to the MemberPress login page where they can login. The logout link will log the user out, and redirect them to the Logout Redirect URL you have set in your MemberPress Options.

Login Page - The Login page is where a member logs in to access their membership content. You will need to create a Login Page yourself instead of generating one with MemberPress in order to be able to use the Divi Builder for designing the page. Like the account page, there is a shortcode you can use to display the login form.

WooCommerce Social Login lets you display social login buttons on restricted content notifications to make login seamless. Nav Menu Roles Bridge (free): The free Nav Menu Roles plugin lets you customize who can see which menu items based on user roles. This plugin adds a bridge to also let you restrict menu items based on membership plan, too.

MemberPress itself doesn't use Display Names anywhere, but comments and many other plugins (like forums, and social plugins) do use the Display Name. This add-on gives you more control over what to set the Display Name to when users register through MemberPress.

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However, with memberpress this does not work, the content still shows even though a rule says it shouldn't. It appears memberpress only works with the_content, is there any way of getting it to work with ACF? Memberpress support said "contact the author and see if he/she has any filter hooks we could use to hide the output of the fields